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Microsoft Office 2010 Silent MUI install

Microsoft didn’t go the normal MSI-way with Office 2010, and included a customization wizard, as they did with previous versions. However, creating a silent install with integrated MUI-packs wasn’t as self explaining as I thought. In this post, I want to document the steps I’ve made, to create a silent install.

Needed Software:
– MS Office 2010 Professional Plus EN
– MUI Packs (DE, FR, IT)

Integrating the MUI Packs:
This is quite easy, you can just copy the MUI Packs contents into the setup sources, while keeping the files that already exist.

Customizing installation:
Setup.exe /admin starts the Customization Wizard, it will create a .msp patch, which includes the settings you’ve made. Be sure to choose the silent install.
If you didn’t add any MUI Packs, you can run

Setup.exe /adminfile yourmsp.msp

, and it will install silently. If you’ve added additional languages, this will not work, because Setup will prompt you what to install (MUI-Pack or Office). If you choose office, it will also only install one language.
To solve this issue, you’ll need a config.xml file, which includes the product you want to install, display level and the additional languages:

<Configuration Product="ProPlus">
<Display Level="none" CompletionNotice="no" SuppressModal="yes" AcceptEula="yes" />
<AddLanguage Id="match" ShellTransform="yes"/>
<AddLanguage Id="en-us" />
<AddLanguage Id="fr-fr" />
<AddLanguage Id="de-de" />
<AddLanguage Id="it-it" />

You are now ready to start your silent Installation while running:

setup.exe /config yourxml.xml /adminfile yourmsp.msp