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Microsoft .net Framework 3.5 on Windows XP Embedded

At work, I’m deploying Software to Windows XP embedded Clients. The Past days, i was analyzing a problem with Microsoft “Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 Service Pack 1 (KB929300)”. The Installation Log said:

DepCheck indicates Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0a is not installed.

This Error is kind of confusing, since .NET Framework 3.0 was already installed, and there’s actually no version 3.0a which you can download. I then decided (after a lot of other ideas, which didn’t work out) to extract the 3.5 (yes, 3.5) Redist Package using winrar, and found the following MSI:


This MSI tells you to use setup.exe, and quits installing, so it has to be edited (I’ve used ORCA to do so). After I installed it, i was finally able to install .NET Framework 3.5

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Lenovo Thinkpad “FN + F7” not working

I’ve done a clean install of  Windows XP with current drivers and utilitys on my Thinkpad X40.  Strange thing was that presentation director didn’t show up when I push “FN-F7”, although all necessary packages were installed, and PD started fine through start menu. I then found out that PD 2.57, which is the most recent version published for the x40 seems to have problems with the actual version of Thinkpad Hotkey Drivers. Using Version 4.03 of PD, (found within the X60 drivers) works fine.

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Messing with Windows XP power profiles

Windows XP’s default setting for Standby mode is kind of frustrating. Even if the computer is part of a Windows Domain, Pc’s go to standby after a timeout by default. I have done the following to solve this problem:

1. Microsoft supplies a tool called powercfg to handle power profiles, however powercfg only works with administrative privileges by default, changing the registry permissions is a must if you want to do it with user privileges (I’ve used SetACL which is not part of windows):
%windir%\system32\SetACL.exe -on "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Controls Folder\PowerCfg" -ot reg -actn ace -ace "n:%computername%\users;p:full"
%windir%\system32\SetACL.exe -on "HKU\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\PowerCfg" -ot reg -actn ace -ace "n:%computername%\users;p:full"

2. to add a new profile, and configure it, i run the following under every user:
powercfg /C efag-pwr-nb
powercfg /X efag-pwr-nb /monitor-timeout-ac 20
powercfg /X efag-pwr-nb /monitor-timeout-dc 15
powercfg /X efag-pwr-nb /disk-timeout-ac 30
powercfg /X efag-pwr-nb /disk-timeout-dc 10
powercfg /X efag-pwr-nb /standby-timeout-ac 0
powercfg /X efag-pwr-nb /standby-timeout-dc 0
powercfg /X efag-pwr-nb /hibernate-timeout-ac 0
powercfg /X efag-pwr-nb /hibernate-timeout-dc 0
powercfg /X efag-pwr-nb /processor-throttle-ac NONE
powercfg /X efag-pwr-nb /processor-throttle-dc ADAPTIVE
powercfg /S efag-pwr-nb


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Sage Sesam – Installations Probleme in Verbindung mit XP SP3

Einmal mehr musste ich mich heute mit Sage Sesam herumärgern, die Installationsroutine war schon immer schlecht, und ist auch mit der Version 2008 nicht besser geworden.  Will man die Version 2008 auf einen Rechner mit Windows XP SP3 installieren, so meldet einem das Setup: “Auf Ihrem Windows XP SP2 Rechner wurde ein sehr wichtiges Windows Sicherheitsupdate nicht gefunden.” Es wird angeboten, dieses wichtige Update zu installieren, was aber nicht klappt. Untersucht man nun die CD, so findet man das MS Update KB926255. Dieses kann unter SP3 nicht installiert werden, da es bereits in SP3 enthalten ist. Mit hilfe von Regmon, und dem Suchbegriff KB926255 konnte ich dann herausfinden, welcher Eintrag der Registry überprüft wird, bevor man installieren kann.

Diesen Eintrag habe ich dann von Hand erstellt. So klappt die Installation problemlos.

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Updates\Windows XP\SP3\KB926255]
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Shutup Parhelia!

I’ll never understand what e manufacturer of PC components must be thinking if he designs something like the Matrox Parhelia. Of course this is an old model, but that doesn’t matter at the moment. The fan they’ve installed is louder than my whole PC, and my PC has quite some parts in it, so its not too silent. Anyway, since i didn’t want to buy a new graphics card for my PC (still AGP) and my old one died, I’ve had no choice but making this one, silent, by replacing the stock heat sink/fan, with an old CPU-heat sink I’ve had lying arround :

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Lenovo Thinkpad “FN + F5” not working

I’ve spent hours trying to solve this issue, which happens sometimes after reinstalling Thinkpad notebooks. If you use Intel based Wifi, try installing Intel Pro set, even if you don’t want or need it, since i’ve installed it, FN + F5 works fine to turn on and of wifi, even if I use Microsoft’s wireless zero configuration to manage the Wifi networks.

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Windows Update not working after SP3 was installed

It somehow happens that the windows update service isn’t properly registered after SP3 has been installed. the solution to this issue is quiet simple:

net stop wuauserv
cd \windows\system32
regsvr32 wups2.dll
net start wuauserv

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iPod 32GB Flash the hard way…

It all started with my dying 20GB iPod harddrive, which was out of a 2nd gen iPod and then put into a 4th gen. I didn’t use it very often till my DMP3 Car MP3 player died, and i bought the Becker iPod kit for my car stereo. It seems like I’ve shook the drive to death.

Now that a new harddrive based iPod, or a new harddrive wasn’t a solution, I’ve decided to buy an adapter from CF to 1.8″ ATA connector (search ebay, you’ll find some) and a 32GB CF card from PQI (PQI Hi-Speed 120).

The parts arrived soon, but I’ve had no luck with it. I’ve used the standalone iPod software updater, because I don’t use iTunes, but i always get the !Folder icon after my restore attempts. I then realized, that the default setting on my adapter was slave instead of master, but changing that didn’t help. After some research, I found an article, which explained that it won’t work with the hardware revision (820-1525-A) of my iPod. It’s possible to do it manually, but it looked like a lot of work, and since the quality of my adapter didn’t look so good, I’ve decided to go for an iPod Mini, which already has a CF interface.

The Mini arrived some days later, and i was sure that its’ all plug and play from now on, but it wasn’t. I was getting the same !Folder icon as before, no mater if I’ve used the standalone iPod updater on my PC, or iTunes on my PC or Mac. I don’t like to give up on things like that, but after using Ghost and Acronis, to create images of the original Microdrive, and putting them back to the CF card with no luck, i was sure that my CF card won’t work with any iPod, or at least not with the restore options Apple gives.

Now that was a long story, with a short end: Update your iPod with iTunes first, (to version 1.4.1, version 1.3 won’t work), replace the drive, restore using iTunes, and there you go…..


Paypal Buyer Protection

I’ve got my money back from the guy who sold me the fake Sennheiser… so it seems like Paypal Buyer Protection is at least worth something.


Fake Sennheiser CX-300

Bought a fake Sennheiser CX-300 from ebay-seller Bestprice_Bestservice, now i’ll try to find out if i’ll get my money back.

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Mounting (network) components with magnets

The pictures say it all. I wanted to mount my switch inside my sideboard without drilling any holes into the sideboard. I’ve used the magnets out of a harddisk and attached them to the case of the switch using POP Rivets (which was a bad idea, because my Rivet Gun’s now magnetic and it won’t throw out the bolts anymore ;( ).

Switch mounted

Switch with attached magnets


MAG-LITE 2D to 6AA Adaptor

The idea was to use higher Voltage (6*1.2V instead of 2*1.2V), and run a 5 Cell “Magnum Star” bulb in the 2D MAG, this gives greater Output and shorter runtime of course. It’s made of Plexiglas and PCB-board

For further information about lights i recommend


Mein erster Eintrag

Ich bin jetzt auch ein krasser Blogger, und werde hier darüber berichten, wie ich mir die Nase geputzt habe, und was es gestern über Mittag im Migrosrestaurant zu Essen gab.


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