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Hugsby P31 Disassembly / Driver replacement / All flood MOD

In case you’ve ever wondered how to disassemble the Hugsby P31, here’s how it goes:
IMG_0956 IMG_0959 IMG_0960 IMG_0961

I did that because of a malfunctioning driver, and while i was at it, I’ve replaced the reflector with an all flood TIR lens. This makes the little Hugsby a perfect near field flashlight.

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Hi Ricardo
You will need to remove the thing that holds the optic, it’s screwed on to the driver pill, and holds pretty strong, I’ve tried heating it up a little, but still wasn’t able to remove it without scratches. The part I’m talking about is the one on my last picture.

Cheers, Nico

Thanks for answering Nico, I’ll try it, I’d like to know if the correct direction to unscrew this piece is in the anticlockwise direction or reverse. Also, I am doing this because my flashlight fell from my hands and now does not lights but when it is on, it turns hot, do you know what may be the problem and where can I get the replacement?

Thank you so much Nico.

No problem, glad someone read my post. The threading is standard direction, so loosening it is anticlockwise.
For a replacement driver you should search for one that has the right diameter, is suited for single AA operation 1.0v (or lower) to 1.6v input. Output should be arround 350ma, if I remember right.

Cheers, Nico

thank you again, I thing the broken part is the cree q3-wc because when it’s on turns hot but doesn’t light, this is the only cree q3 that I could find (removed) do you thing it will works and has the right diameter?


The led itself should be the right one, but I’m pretty sure, that a 20mm Star (cooling thing attached to the LED) does not fit the Hugsby, as you have yours currently open, shouldn’t be a problem to check how big it can be.

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